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October 2, 2018

4 Disruptive Trends That Could Change the Face of Email Marketing

Don’t fool yourself thinking that mail marketing is a thing of the past and that social media is the new norm. There were roughly 3.7 billion email users in 2017, and the number is set to reach 4.1 billion by 2021. That’s great news for you and the email marketing writing service! As the medium grows more popular than ever before, numerous new possibilities for campaigns come forward too. In fact, email marketing continues to dominate most companies’ advertising strategy.

Sure, the rules have changed over the years, and the emails most businesses send today are different from the ones creeping up in your inbox a few years ago. Now, the content has become highly personalized and engaging and includes images, links, integrated video, one of a kind discounts, and so on.

But it’s not to say the things you experience today with email marketing are the best it can do. Change is just around the corner as you can now integrate new technologies with email to grow a more responsive audience than ever before and improve your results.

Here are a couple of disruptive email trends you should keep an eye on:

1. Increased Interaction

How interactive can an email be? After all, take away the shiny layer of multimedia content, and at its core, it’s just a piece of text, right?

Not quite. Email is slowly becoming more and more interactive and lets users perform a variety of actions within the body of the email, such as placing orders, signing up for seminars or filling out forms. The goal here is to make the user’s experience better, while simultaneously get marketers better results.

For instance, let’s assume you want people to sign up for a free yoga class to promote your new studio. A less interactive email will have people clicking on a link, go to a different page, and then signing up there. There aren’t a lot of steps, granted, but it’s still less straightforward than giving them the possibility of signing up right there on the spot in the email tab.

2. Better Personalization

Most probably you use some degree of personalization in your emails. For instance, you might use customized subject lines and start every email text by using the name of the person reading it.

While important, that’s not enough anymore. You need to take it a step further if you want to keep prospects engaged. We’re talking here about list segmentation, a way to divide your users based on their demographics, behavior, interests, or other data you have available. You can use these lists to send relevant emails to the right people carefully and with significant results regarding engagement and click-through rates.

3. The Rise of Chatbots

Chatbots used to be the subject of a lot of internet jokes. That’s because the execution lacked in humanity. However, it’s 2018, and chatbots are becoming better and better at mimicking real human interactions.

This amazing technology gives you the unique opportunity of using the data gathered from users to create a rich experience for them. They act as guides that help users with any action they might want to perform. So, it’s not a bad idea to welcome them with open arms.

4. Privacy Becomes a Soft Spot

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but a lot of marketing methods, not just the ones on this lists, can depend on one big factor: user data.

For years companies have been gathering information on their audience and used it to create more comprehensive, meaningful campaigns. But privacy is a big concern these days, and a lot of people are thinking of ways to protect user data. The European Union instituted the GDPR, so if you have EU citizens as customers, you’ve probably already been affected by these restrictions.

Back to You

When crafting your new email marketing campaign, be sure to keep these pending trends in mind. The world of email marketing is going to change a lot over the next few years, and it’s in your best interest to stay ahead of these trends.

August 21, 2018

Make Your Customers Happy With Natural Preservatives

Many consumers hope to see no synthetic preservatives as they scan food labels during their trips to the grocery store — they would like to see that every item they pick up has an ingredients list that looks “clean”. Here is the solution that food companies can use to make buyers happy about their products so that they keep putting them in their shopping carts.

Preservatives are essential for food production, otherwise, items would have incredibly limited shelf-lives. Without these crucial ingredients, items would be expired by the time they were transported to the store. Removing these elements from recipes is not a viable solution, so companies should look to reliable ingredient suppliers for natural preservatives. The leading supplier CCC Ingredients carries a range of natural preservatives that are just as effective as synthetic ones — these significant ingredients also have the benefit of appealing to label-conscious consumers. Companies can share this switch to natural alternatives with buyers by including this information in advertisements, news releases and packaging.

One alternative that they offer on their impressive portfolio is natamycin, which is a natural mold inhibitor. When the major product Kraft Singles removed artificial preservatives from their recipes for their full-fat American and White American versions, they chose to include natamycin as the main preservative. The business behemoth Kraft decided to remove sorbic acid from their recipe, even though it is one of the most common preservatives in the world, because of the intense scrutiny they were receiving from their customers. CCC Ingredients has several other natural preservatives that can be used as convenient substitutes in, like:

  • Fermented Cane Sugar
  • Lysozyme
  • Maltogenic Amylase
  • Nisin
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Cultured Sugar/Vinegar
  • Rosemary Extract 

It’s understandable that many companies don’t want to change artificial preservatives or similar ingredients — the replacement process can be long and frustrating, and there is still the risk of public criticism. However, other businesses have committed to these monumental ingredient swaps because the customer desire is so strong. Many consumers are worried about the dangers of preservatives like poor heart health, behavioural issues in children and increased risk of cancer — if people believe that products are hazardous, they will prioritize their health and the wellness of their children above brand loyalty. While it may seem inconvenient to make the initial change, companies need to acclimate to market demands for clean labels or they will be ignored. Businesses like Kraft, General Mills and Nestle have already experienced success and public praise for modifying their recipes and eliminating artificial elements. They have proven that it is entirely possible for a company to take a chance, revise their recipes using food ingredient distributors and smoothly conform to the current marketplace.

If your company is unsure about what replacement would be suitable for your products, this prominent ingredient supplier also has a team that will deliver excellent customer service and advice about available options. They will make sure that you choose the ingredient that improves your product for the sake of your business and your buyers.

June 27, 2018

How Do I Reapply For My Business ID?

It is an important part of your business plan to obtain an EIN (employer identification number). Remember that is this nine-digit number is used by the IRS to identify your business as a legal entity and for tax purposes. If you need to reference your EIN you can do so by using IRS-EIN-Tax-ID website’s IRS EIN lookup service. Luckily, our website and customer service are available for your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can obtain your federal tax ID number through there whenever needed.

If you need to reapply for your business ID because you cannot find your EIN number you will have to contact the IRS business and specialty tax line. Only do so after you’ve exhausted all other options:

  1. Remember, your EIN does not expire, so you will not need to reapply for one at any point.
  2. If you lost your employer identification number, you can look at a tax return. Your previous tax return will have the EIN notated on the document.
  3. If you used your EIN for purposes such as opening a bank account for your business or for any local or state licenses, you could contact the bank or agency for your EIN.

Only contact the IRS if you have completed all those steps and still cannot obtain your EIN.

If you need to apply for your EIN you will first need to follow three simple steps with our online application. The application will ask you for the identity type, entering your personal information, business information, and other required information. Afterward, you will simply submit the application. Typically, it will only take 24 hours to receive your EIN! If you have any questions or need additional guidance our customer service is available 24/7 for your needs!

April 5, 2018

Improve Your Business Travel With Fellow Corporate Executives Through These Tips

Having business trips is both fun and difficult. You are used to working from your main business location and travel can be a bit of a pain if you are not organised. You do however, have fun because you go to a different place with people you are working with, but you do not just go there for fun. You also have goals to achieve. At some point, this can be a tiring trip. Of course, you can’t just cancel the trip given that you have another party to consider. You can make the actual trip better and more comfortable though.

Opt for other travel modes

You don’t have to fly all the time if this makes you wait for a long time at the airport. You may also decide to use trains or buses if the location is near and those options are safe. This is true especially if you are planning a business trip to a place like Cannes. There are a lot of wonderful views to see. Therefore, moving around by land would be more relaxing.

Avoid layovers

If you are flying to another place, plan the trip really well. The goal must not be to make the trip cheaper, but more convenient. After all, you are not going on holiday. You are going for business. You deserve to at least have a comfortable flight. Having to wait at the airport for hours would be really tiring.

Be picky when it comes to accommodation

When you choose corporate accommodation in Cannes, you should just go all out. After all, you are paying a huge amount of money anyway. Don’t go cheap especially if you are travelling with other top executives. Besides, if early booking is done, it is easier to find

Find ways to cut costs elsewhere

You might feel a bit worried about the idea that if you choose expensive hotels and flights, this will make everyone question the choices. There are ways to justify the cost though. For instance, you have booked an expensive hotel, but it includes airport transfer and local transportation. You have spent more for the accommodation, but you have saved money on transportation.

Do as many things as you can

You only have a few days for this trip, so you might as well make the most of it. Visit different places, especially in Cannes, where almost every spot is worth visiting. Again, you can only do this when you have achieved your goals and you are done with the business meetings. You also deserve a break, and this is a good way to pat yourself on the back.

Hopefully, these tips will drastically change your experience when having a corporate trip. It should be a wonderful experience for you and everyone else who is travelling with you.

March 20, 2018

How to Choose a Company to Invest in

If you’re in the process of searching for new companies to invest in, Marc Leder would be a good person to look into. He is a pro at investing, but for now, continue reading to discover a few invaluable tips on how to choose the right company to invest in!

1. Choose a company whose CEO you admire and who boasts a proven track record

One of the biggest contributing factors to a business’ success, is the skills and foresight of its CEO. One way to find out whether a company is worth investing in is to research the past of its CEO. As an example, you may find out that a CEO whose business you’re interested in investing in has previously led 3 other businesses to double their profits.

In which case, it’s definitely well worth investing in their latest business as whether a business succeeds or not, has far more to do with its leadership and their leader’s vision, than its products and services. However, if a CEO’s past ventures have failed to make a successful profit, it’s well worth steering clear of their latest venture.

2. Choose a company who makes a reliable profit each month

If you’re looking to invest a sizeable amount of capital, it’s well worth looking at graphs which show the share price of the companies which you’re interested in investing in, over the past few years. While most businesses will report a few drops in market price, if a company reliably makes its investors a decent profit and has a trend of increasing in price over the past few years, it’s well worth investing in.

Whereas if a company has reported decreases in market price for half the year, you’re better off continuing your search for a profitable investment opportunity!

3. Make sure that the company which you plan to invest in offers a valuable good or service

In order for a company to be financially viable in the long term, it must offer goods or services which offer a viable solution for a common problem. As an example, the digital currency Bitcoin was created as there was a demand for a worldwide currency which could not be tracked by financial institutions or governments.

So before you sink your hard earned money into a new business, make sure to ask yourself whether their products and services offer a solution for a common problem. As no matter how impressive a company’s marketing plan is, if their products and services don’t offer a solution to a problem, there will be little demand for their range of products and services.

4. Find out how often each company overs dividend payouts

If you purchase shares in a business, in most situations you’ll be eligible to receive dividends for your investment. While some businesses pay out dividends once a year, other businesses may opt to pay out dividends twice a year. Before making a commitment to invest in a business it’s also worth finding out what percentage rate, the business you’re interested in investing in, offers to their investors.

So be sure to follow all of the invaluable tips listed above, in order to select a profitable company to invest in!

March 20, 2018

Receivables Performance Management Reviews Reflect How Valuable They Are To SMEs

Senior Management at small and medium-sized companies have a more difficult job than ever in trying to create and maintain long-term success with their businesses.

Companies today must compete globally and often up against other companies that are many times their size and with much greater resources. In order to do this effectively they need to be well-armed, with a fully thought out plan and a group of motivated employees who are committed to winning no matter what the odds.

SMEs must make smart decisions about picking which products and services to offer and must master allocating resources and where to aim their focus. Those companies that thrive in today’s fast-moving business environment learn how to maximize whatever resources they have and to bring on experts who can provide them with additional access to resources that allow them to compete and excel.

Resources Performance Management is valuable to an SME

This is why company like Resources Performance Management is so valuable to a small or medium-sized enterprise. They provide a service to companies that is invaluable and helping them to keeping their doors open and to grow.

One critical area for all companies is an ability to consistently and efficiently collect money that is owed from customers. The timely collection of money from clients will be the difference maker in a business’s success. But too often companies are not capable or even staffed to perform these vital services and when they try, they find that they are not competent and risk alienating rather than motivating customers to pay their bills.

Resources Performance Management has a long term track record of success in receivables collection and management and have developed a suite of tools and receivables management services that are second to none in the industry.

Collecting money from customers is sometimes not easy. A good portion of customers will pay when they are supposed to without a problem. But there will always be a percentage of customers who will paying the beginning and then stop paying, and another percentage that will have problems paying all the time.

Getting what is owed from customers, particularly if they are in arrears on payments, requires a specific set of skills, and a detailed set of operating procedures in order to be successful. Resources Performance Management reviews each client’s needs and creates strategies and a work plan that are specific to every client. Clients can depend on them to take over the entire process from strategizing, to management of the collections.

The company has a specific focus on the Bankcard & Financial, telecommunications, utilities, retail, healthcare, commercial, state & local government, Small Balance Accounts – All Industries and National Legal Services – ACA Certified MAP Attorneys industries and is adept at all key areas of receivables management. Their services include:

  • Telemarketing Services
  • Customized Dunning Notice Services
  • Outsourcing and Pre-Collection Services
  • Early Age Reactivation Services
  • Late Stage / Post Statute Services
  • Small Balance Portfolio Services
  • Inbound and Outbound Services

With Resources Performance Management on the job, a company can get back to focusing on the parts of their business where they are experts and know that receivables management is well taken care of.

March 20, 2018

5 Useful tips on Being an Executive Vice President

If your dream role is that of an executive vice president like Kevin Rolle, simply continue reading to discover a variety of useful, invaluable tips on being an executive vice president.

1. Be able to multi-task

If you take on the role of an executive vice president, expect to have to multi-task on a day to day basis as you’ll have a wide variety of roles, in different sections of your business to take on. So it’s well worth working on your ability to be able to multi-task. As an example, on route to a meeting with your company’s board of directors, you may have to take phone calls from various managers, whilst clearing important emails.

2. Be willing to take on leadership duties when needed

To succeed in your career as an executive vice president, there may be times in which you’re sent to meetings or to different sections of your business, in lieu of your company’s president. As it’s impossible for your company’s vice president to be two places at once. So make sure that you’re able to take on the role of a company president, several times per week.

During these times make sure that you’re just as inspiring, articulate and charismatic as your company’s president. As if you perform well, there is every chance that you may be offered the position of company president, when the current president retires or decides to move on to another challenge.

3. Be able to problem solve and take initiative on a daily basis

Contrary to what some individuals may believe, the role of an executive vice president involves more than simply on behalf of the president. Instead, if you’re looking to be an effective executive vice president, you must be able to make autonomous decisions and being able to take initiative and solve any problems which may surface on your own. As your company’s president is likely to have their plate full, with their own tasks and challenges.

4. Concentrate on becoming an effective manager

Executive vice presidents are often tasked with overseeing the implementation of strategic plans, so it’s a wise move to work on becoming an even more effective manager. As an example, you may want to work on getting various heads of departments to send you regular email updates on the progress which is being made in their departments so that you won’t have to physically visit departments which are reaching their set targets

5. Don’t be afraid to delegate key tasks to individuals who you trust, will perform well

As an executive vice president, you’ll find that you’ll be kept just as busy as your company’s president, so it’s well worth learning how to delegate tasks which you can’t take on, to trusted members of the executive team. After all, if you try to take on too many tasks at any one given point in time, you’ll be highly unlikely to complete any of the tasks on your plate to your full ability!

In order to become the best possible executive vice president that you can, it’s well worth following the 5 leadership tips listed above!

March 20, 2018

The Popularity of Side Shift Work

According to ShiftPixy, in recent years the number of individuals who have chosen to take on shift work as a side job has increased exponentially. In order to discover why shift work as a second job has become such a popular option for individuals who are looking to supplement their main source of income, continue reading.

The popularity of side shift work: Why is shift work as a second job, such a popular option?

1. The cost of living in most cities has increased dramatically

As many individuals now struggle to make ends meet, with the wages or salary from a second job, many individuals are now forced to look for a second job. Taking on an additional shift work position in the evening is a great choice for many individuals as it will allow them to bring in hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per week.

2. Most shift work positions offer competitive hourly rates

One of the major reasons why shift work is becoming such a popular option for individuals who are looking to increase their monthly take home income is that most shift work positions offer more competitive hourly rates than traditional jobs.

In fact, some individuals who work a 9 to 5 job as well as a second job in the evenings, actually earn more

money from their second shift job, than they make from their primary 9 to 5 job.

3. Side shift work is ideal for individuals who are looking to get onto the property ladder

Individuals who are looking to save enough money for their first house deposit, often apply for side shift work in order to reach their target goal for their home deposit, in the fraction of the time which it would take them to save, if they just worked a regular job.

Working side shift jobs is also a popular option for homeowners who are looking to pay off

their mortgages within a short period of time. One of the advantages of paying off your mortgage as soon as possible is that you’ll end up paying far less interest on your mortgage.

4. Shift work allows workers to strengthen their resumes

Individuals who are looking to bolster up their resumes, in order to obtain their dream job may want to consider applying for a second shift work style job in order to strengthen their resume. As most employers will be keen to employ an individual who has shown that are a hard worker and are

willing to go above and beyond in order to succeed in life.

5. Shift work allows individuals to enjoy a higher quality of lifestyle

Many individuals choose to apply for shift work positions in the evenings, so that they can afford to purchase their dream car and go on regular vacations.

Whether you’d like to enjoy a higher quality of life or to pay off your mortgage sooner, it’s well worth considering applying for shift work in the evenings. As you’ll be able to turn your free time into cold hard cash, which you’ll be able to use to supplement your primary income.

March 20, 2018

Ron Ozer On The Advantages Of Being An Attorney

The job of attorney is one of the most respected in the entire country. For Ron Ozer, who works in New York, it is a way of life. He loves not just the many advantaged that are on offer with this job, but also what the actual job entails. Whether it is dealing with the contractual obligations of a hedgefund or arranging fair child support, he has seen it all and he loves it all. In a recent email, Ron Ozer revealed what he perceives to be the greatest benefits associated with being a lawyer.

The Benefits of Being an Attorney According to Ron Ozer

  1. Lawyers make a lot of money. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average lawyer earns a six figure income, with many exceeding $100,000 by a lot. How much someone makes depends on their experience, where in the country they work, and who they work for. This with the least experience can still expect to make a lot of money if the work for the right law firm. Others, however, don’t do it for the money and prefer to take on as many pro bono cases as possible.
  2. No two days are the same. It is impossible for an attorney to get bored. They often have to travel to investigate their cases or to complete further training. They have work opportunities all over the country and each case they take on brings with it a range of new experiences.
  3. The role comes with a lot of job satisfaction and prestige. In fact, anyone who is able to become a lawyer is seen as successful. The pay is high, as explained, but it also leaves people in positions of influence, propelling them to the elite levels of society. Lawyers command recognition and respect. The media plays a role in this, as they still promote this glamorous image.
  4. It is an opportunity to help others. For all the excitement, money, and prestige, lawyers become lawyers because they want to uphold the law and believe everybody has the right to a fair trial. Each situation is different, with some cases being civil and others being criminal, but it is always about finding justice and doing what is right. Sometimes, this goes so far as being able to spare someone’s life, for instance by helping them avoid the death penalty.
  5. Lawyers know the law. This makes sense, of course, but it is a benefit that transcends the profession itself. Knowing the law benefits people in doing business, buying property, doing taxes, and so on. It is also an opportunity to network and make connections, because others will want to take advantage of this knowledge.
  6. Attorneys can start their own businesses. Some join existing firms, others start their own. A lawyer has the freedom to decide what they feel is right for them. This is a degree of flexibility that few other professions offer.

Clearly, being a lawyer offers fantastic advantages and opportunities. It is no surprise, therefore, that Ron Ozer loves his profession so much.


March 15, 2018

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – What Skills Are Required to be a Financial Advisor

I have always felt that the best way to choose your career is not only by doing something which you are passionate about, but also something which you are naturally gifted at doing. As part f our careers focus, we are aware that there are many different abilities which people possess and it is important that you choose a career which matches that natural gift which you have.

There are many different types of people from creative types to caring types but today we are going to focus on those who love finance and numbers like Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch financial advisor, and it is his career that we are going to look at today. The role of financial advisor is a great career choice and aside from being naturally gifted with numbers, here are the skills that are required to fulfil this role.


In your role as a financial advisor you must have confidence in yourself that you can tell people, or at least advise them on what they should do with their money. The reason why you should be confident is because you need your clients to feel confident enough to take your advice on board, if you are not confident, you cannot expect them to take your word.

Hard Working

Financial advisors need to be experts in a wide range of financial markets and movements and it is up to your to work incredibly hard so that you can stay on track of what is happening in all of the different aspects of the financial worlds. This is about being far more than a jack of all trades, you must be a master of all trades so that you can give sound advice and in order to do this, you must be willing to work hard.


The world of financial advice, much like many industries, is highly competitive and in order to attract and keep clients, you need to be able to sell them your advice. Many forget this aspect of financial advice but it is in fact one of the most important skills which a financial professional needs to possess.

Relationship Building

Having clients is about more than just offering them sound advice, it is also about building relationships with them so that they feel comfortable with you when talking about their money. You could be highly successful and offer the very best advice but if you can not be likable, you are unlikely to keep clients for a very long time.


Financial advisors do not always get it right and you must be able to possess the ability to bounce back from things when they do not go your way. Financial advisors often live and die by the advice which they give and this is very much a results driven industry, in order to stay on top of your game, you need to be able to overcome the set backs and win more than you lose.