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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Getting your house ready for winter is an annual ritual for most homeowners. Did you know that insulating your attic before winter season hits will help to prevent the occurrence of ice dams? Moreover, tuning up your heating system will prevent you from making emergency repairs that are more expensive in the end.

Here are some important winter maintenance tips that you should know:

Your Heating System

Before you start checking your heating system this winter, you should do some preventative maintenance. Doing so might help you to extend the life of your heating system.

Before winter, you should do the following:

  • Replace or clean your furnace filter on  hot air systems
  • Have a licensed HVAC contractor check your boiler or furnace
  • Have your chimney checked at least once per year by a licensed technician and pay attention to creosote buildup on fireplace chimneys

During winter, you should:

  • Set your heat to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit because the air inside your walls is colder than the one in living spaces. To keep an even temperature all through the house, you should open all the doors even if some of the rooms are unoccupied.
  • Maintain your pellet or wood-burning stoves as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Fill your fuel tanks and watch their levels throughout the winter


Is your insulation ready to protect you from the cold? It is worth taking the time to check the insulation and upgrade it. Make sure that you start weather stripping before the cold season arrives.

  • Add caulk around windows and weather stripping around your doors to guard against the loss of heat and to prevent drafts
  • Add an extra layer of insulation in the attic to prevent ice dams. If heat ends up escaping to the attic, it will warm up the snow on your roof then cause an ice dam, which will result in water damage.
  • Remove window screens and install storm windows when appropriate


Your home’s piping system can be damaged by freezing temperatures. You should check whether your pipes are ready to handle a cold snap and make sure that you take extra precautions if you are going away for the winter. For instance, you could turn off the water supply to prevent damage in your absence.

  • Learn how to shut off the water and find out where your pipes are located in case they freeze. This can help you to prevent water damage
  • Look for water leaks and repair small problems as soon as you spot them. If your piping is plastic, you should use thermostat-controlled heat tape and make sure that you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Safety Measures for Winter

As you prepare for winter, you should heed as many safety measures as possible to avoid problems. Here are some safety measures that will come in handy:

  • Clear your gutters of sticks and leaves to ensure that melting snow can drain properly. Your downspouts should direct any water from your foundation instead of towards it.
  • Make sure that you trim your trees to eliminate dead branches and limbs to avoid damaging your home or injuring other people.
  • Check your fire alarms and smoke detectors then replace the batteries if necessary

Key Equipment and Supplies

You should stock up on generators and blowers to prevent problems later. According to the owner of Delsea termite & pest control, you should hire an exterminator to get rid of pests before winter season. Moreover, you should have roof rakes and snow shovels at the ready.

Why You Should Consider House Removal Services

Moving things from one area to another can prove to be difficult due to factors such as distance, size, and weight of things, weather, and traffic. However, such important factors are less considered as many people prefer moving things their own way to save money.  This is understandable as people already spend a lot of money before the moving process such as, when you spend a lot of money to try and improve the value of your home. In the end, trying to move on your own usually results in spending more and damaging most of the valuables. Below are seven key advantages of hiring a removal company.

Less stressful

Whether it is office furniture or relocating to a new home, the need to move is an added responsibility on top of other things you need to do. You can easily go on with your usual activities of the day and let a house removal company do the moving for you.

Minimal risk

There are many risks when moving objects. You can overlook the weight of an object and in an attempt to lift it get injured. Removal companies have staff trained in heavy lifting, thus it is safer. Some things are fragile and need special packing. Removal companies ensure these items get to the destination in the same condition as when they left your home.

Professional assistance

Professionalism remains the most important benefit when you choose to hire a removal company. Removal staff are well trained and have vast experience that they use ensuring your prized belongings are handled and moved with care.


More time is spent when you choose to do all the packing yourself. It is even more difficult to get people to help in time as many friends and family can only help in their free time. This causes delays and a last-minute rush. House removal companies have the labour aspect sorted. Packing and moving are efficiently done, saving you the time and effort of doing it alone.

Specialised equipment

Equipment such as vehicles becomes very important when moving. Many people are forced to borrow vehicles from friends and family. At the end of the day, many prized items are damaged and unwanted losses incurred. Most removal companies like have vehicles suited to transport a variety of items. This guarantees you the safety of your valuables.

Insurance coverage

Insurance companies easily cover damages sustained to your items when you seek professional help. This is because insurance policies can only validate the damage if the items are packed professionally.

Storage facilities

Full service moving companies have their own storage units they use to safeguard your belongings, for instance, when you are forced to move and the place you’re moving to is not yet ready for occupation. These storage units are constructed to hold a wide variety of items safely and effectively.

Other advantages include an underestimating of just how many packing materials you will need, which avoids the need for you to source extra materials at the last minute or make do with less-than-optimal options. Professional movers provide all these things with ease and even use less than you would have used, as they have more experience. Hiring a professional removal company will make your move easier and a stress-free experience.

February 14, 2018

Shaun Benderson on Tampa Bay Office Spaces

In the Tampa Bay area, it seems that very few buildings are being constructed. In fact, the last time there were major projects going, many of them for residential properties and hotels, 16 were cancelled. This is true, as well, within the world of commercial office space in the area. Vacancy rates have risen, rental rates have dropped. While this may sound bleak, it is also the news people like Shaun Benderson have been waiting for, because it means there are deals to be made.

Shaun Benderson Thinks Bad News Is Good News

Within the world of economics, when prices drop, demand rises, which leads to prices rising again. It is all a balancing act. In areas such as Phoenix, AZ, vacancy rates are down and rental rates are rising, which means fewer people are able to get into the market. Eventually, this will lead to a reversal of fortune, an that is exactly what has happened in Tampa Bay and Sarasota. And that may be bad news for property owners, it is excellent news for people like Shaun Benderson.

In these types of areas, it is now easier than ever to start a new retail project, for instance. The space is there, and property owners are desperate to find tenants. By taking on one of these properties, which is likely to be at a greatly reduced rate, you could be the scoop that turns things around, because it will get other business owners interested in the lower prices for commercial real estate.

Tampa Bay is one of Shaun’s favorite places in the world, and it is now the perfect place to start a business. Not just that, some 2.7 million people live here and that number has been steadily but rapidly growing over the years. Unemployment and crime rates are reasonably low, which means it is also a good place to raise a family.

The economy is also very strong. There are numerous firms focusing on air and sea electronics that have defense contracts. Additionally, the U.S. Central Command is here, from where the Middle East activities are directed. Additionally, there are four trauma centers and more than 20 hospitals, many of which are developing groundbreaking new treatment and medicine. Tampa Bay is also home to a strong financial sector, as well as having excellent ports and being attractive to tourists.

The downtown area of Tampa Bay is somewhat downtrodden. However, the government is working hard at revitalizing it, placing a focus on the many public landmarks to be found here. In so doing, they are further raising the interest in this city, attracting more businesses to its empty spaces. Add to this the current affordability of these spaces, and it quickly becomes clear why people are snapping up properties in this area. Sarasota, meanwhile, is showing similar signs, a clear indicator that the economy is really picking up again. Whether Phoenix will be first to decline again, or whether it will simply keep up will remain to be seen.

Reasons To Choose Rental Apartments In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Over the years, the area has grown to be a leading tourist and vacation hub in Scotland. This has led to the development of hotel rooms and apartments suitable for accommodation. When on vacation, you need to choose a quiet and safe place to stay with your family. Here are some of the reasons why it’s best to stay in rental apartments.


Unlike hotel rooms, rental apartments offer home-like comfort. You can choose a fully-furnished apartment. The apartment is serviced with quality furniture, cooking utensils, and entertainment devices. Once rented, the occupant enjoys these services together with other special amenities.


You should enjoy your privacy while at home and away from home. Unfortunately, hotel rooms do not guarantee privacy. The room can be accessed by the attendants at any time of the day. The only place you can be assured of 100% privacy is a rental apartment. Accessibility of a rental apartment is limited to the occupant.


Are you struggling to find a rental apartment? Apartments in Edinburgh are readily available. Moreover, these apartments are located in Central Edinburgh. You can find a 2-bedroomed or 3-bedroomed apartment depending on your family size. These apartments can be booked online. The next time you are going on vacation to Edinburgh; don’t hesitate to rent an apartment.


Renting an apartment is the cheapest accommodation option. The terms of payments are mainly monthly based or depending on the period of your stay. Compared to living in a hotel, apartments are very affordable. Moreover, you can find a rental apartment within your budget. Compare rental rates of different apartments to find the best for you.


Location is a major factor to consider before renting an apartment. When on vacation in Edinburgh, make sure that you stay in the luxurious and modern apartments in Central Edinburgh. These apartments are within the city. Tenants enjoy an easy transport system, proximity to shopping malls and tourist attraction sites.


Finally, rental apartments guarantee safety and security. Most of these apartments are within gated communities. These communities have installed various security measures to ensure the safety of occupants. Access to these communities is limited to the tenants.

These are some of the reasons to consider renting apartments. However, it is important to note that they are in high demand. Although they are available, you can only be guaranteed of an apartment by booking in time. When booking, make sure to state your period of stay. You will also be required to make a deposit to book the apartment. As you prepare for your next vacation, make sure that you start by searching for the right apartment for your family.


February 12, 2018

Facts You Should Know About Long Term Travel

Long term travel is not for everyone. It is not easy as it seems. How do I know that? Well, I travelled for a year and visited some wonderful places and learnt a lot. I gained experience and a world view. It was good for the most part but there were some not so good experiences too. If you are planning long term travel, then you should know a few facts.

  • Most of us tend to believe that a long term traveller just enjoys his or her time always. We feel that it is a wonderful life where you party every day with new friends and travellers. While this sounds great, it is not always the truth. A long term traveller usually has a limited amount of funds and they cannot keep partying everywhere. Partying at a new city or country when they arrive or on other occasions is fine, but if you are under the impression that you will be partying everyday and hence planned a long term trip then you are in for an awakening.
  • Most of us feel that we will be traveling with new friends and new acquaintances wherever we go. This is a huge misconception mainly due to the photographs that we see of other travellers with beautiful companions in exotic places. When you travel be prepared to live a solitary lifestyle. Most of the time you will be without companions, so condition your brain to accept this fact in advance. If you do not like to be lonely you can get company if you are a social person but again it all depends on how you interact with others. Even if you are one of the most gregarious persons around when you travel for a long time you need to be prepared to be without company for a lengthy period.
  • Most of us feel that the local cuisine that we are going to encounter would be the best. If you suppose so then you are farther from the truth. Not all food would be good for your taste buds. In fact, most of the food we see in travel magazines and food magazines are good only to look at, when you consume them you will enjoy them at all. Having toured a few countries, getting a McDonald’s burger to eat was my most satisfying.
  • Be prepared to get sick. The travel, the food, the sleep pattern will surely make you sick and during this phase you will want to return to the confines of your home country. There will be hospitals and doctors to take care of you but nothing like home is what you will feel.
  • Most long term travellers sell their belongings before embarking on travel, but it is advisable to keep them in self storage as they can get it back when they return. I used a Baton Rouge storage company to store my items, you can do the same in your city.

These are some of the facts that you should know. Also it is advisable to spend less on your travels.

December 18, 2017

5 Traffic Offence Facts Which May Surprise You!

If you drive on a frequent basis, simply continue reading to discover 5 traffic offence facts, which may surprise you! As well as how to contest any traffic offences which you may be charged with.

5 Traffic Offence Facts Which May Surprise You:

  1. It is illegal to flee the scene of a motor vehicle accident, which you’re involved in

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and attempt to flee the scene, you may find face criminal prosecution as it is illegal to flee the site of an accident which you were involved in. Legally, you must stop and provide assistance to any individual who is injured. Furthermore, you must be willing to providing your name and address as well your vehicle’s number plate to the other motorist involved in your motor vehicle accident. If you believe that the other motorist was at fault, it’s well worth calling a lawyer.

  1. If you’re caught driving a vehicle whilst being disqualified from driving, you may face incarceration

If you’re caught driving, whilst serving a temporary driving disqualification for drinking under the influence, you may find yourself facing a $5,000 fine or a 1-year prison sentence. As well as being disqualified from driving for a further three years. So if you’re ever charged with driving under the influence, it’s well worth hiring a qualified traffic offence lawyer, to fight the charges submitted against you. As having a DUI charge on your record can cause you serious problems, in the long term.

  1. If you’re unable to pay any traffic fines which you may incur, a fines recovery and enforcement officer will be tasked with securing payment

If you don’t pay a traffic fine within 14 days of receiving your fine, a reminder notice will be posted your address. If you fail to make the necessary payment within an additional 14 days, you will be visited by a fines recovery and enforcement officer, who will have the legal right to confiscate any of your assets or personal property, in order to settle your fine.

  1. If you’re unable to pay a traffic fine, you can opt to pay your fine in instalments

If you’re unable to pay a traffic fine, you are permitted to enter a payment arrangement, which will allow you to pay your fine in regular installments, over a 12 month period.

  1. Most traffic offences incur demerit points

As well as facing expensive fines, if you commit a traffic infringement you may also incur demerit points. If you collect too many demerit points, your driving license may be suspended or you may be disqualified for a period of 3 years. You may be surprised to learn that minor traffic offenses such as speeding can result in the accumulation of demerit points. So it’s well worth contesting any speeding fines which you may pick up.

So if you’re surprised by some of the facts listed above, it’s well worth having a family lawyer, who you can call in the unfortunate event that you’re charged with a driving offence. On the bright side, traffic offence lawyers put their clients first no matter the fault. They care about the client/customer service you are receiving without judgement. You’ll be thankful you hired a qualified professional to help beat your case.

November 25, 2017

How to have a Health Retreat in France

Every now and again, we all need to take a break from the stresses of day-to-day life and escape to rejuvenate for a few days. One of the favourite places for this in Europe is France. The country has some of the most beautiful scenery, and lots of charming villas in France are readily available making the perfect place to stay.

Why France?

There are many reasons that make France the perfect destination for a health retreat including its natural beauty, diversity, world-class food and fine wine. It is fully worth saving money to travel to this beautiful destination. If you want to escape the noise and pollution, head to one of the many charismatic villages dotted around the countryside. Most villages have ATM’s, restaurants and a strong Wi-Fi connection while still retaining their traditional character. If you want to explore the history, you have castles, palaces and former battlefields to check out. Or perhaps, you just want a few days relaxing in the French Alps or along the Riviera. And then add in the mild year-round climate, and you have the perfect spot to relax.

Where to Go in France for a Health Retreat:

So now that you know why France makes an excellent destination for a health retreat, let’s take a look at a few of the best places to spend your time. You won’t need to worry about nutrition facts or counting calories, all the food and exercise is readily available. After all, who wants to spend their time walking around the busy and noisy streets of Paris when they want to relax?

Provence in France’s southeast shares a border to the east with Italy and has a large section of the Mediterranean coast to the south. The environment is somewhat special with lavender growing in the fields and the endless stretches of olive trees. Popular activities in Provence include enjoying the outdoors with several trails for hiking. Kayaking is also a favourite pastime. You can explore ancient Roman ruins and spend your time soaking up the charm and atmosphere in one of the many villages. Spending a few days in Provence is certain to make a perfect place for a retreat.

If you’re flying into Paris and want to spend a few days recuperating in a medieval town, head to Chartres, which is about 100 kilometres from the capital. You’ll find a 13th-century cathedral along with lots of gothic buildings. The old town is very romantic with its ageing facades and cobblestone streets. A number of hotels and vacation rentals are sure to provide you with the luxury you need.

Brittany has lots of places that make an ideal spot for a health retreat. But few beat the small town of Locronan, in the north-western part of the province. Locronan is consistently rated as one of France’s most beautiful villages making it a suitable place to enjoy a few days. Inside the town, you’ll see various 18th-century buildings and a Gothic church and you’re within a few minutes of nature. Can there be anything better than relaxing with a glass of wine while soaking up the wonderful atmosphere inside this town?

What to Do on Your Health Retreat:

There are lots of health spas around France offering services from facials to the full day treatment. Most are in serene environments and make for a great place to relax. You should consider looking into what spas are around the area you’re planning to stay and try to arrange a day of treatment. Yoga is also popular in France and finding a class in your area is never very difficult.

Apart from the above, many of France’s towns and cities have large public gardens full of flowers and colour in the warmer months. Why not head down and spend the afternoon with a picnic and a good book? Few can find anything more relaxing than spending an hour or two in a beautiful garden surrounded by fantastic scenery. And after that, you could head to the nearby cafes and restaurants for a coffee or some of the world-famous French cuisine.

If you ask people around the world what France is famous for, wine is sure to be one of their top answers. So, for those of you who like the odd glass of wine, joining a wine tour is a must. There are many tours to choose from, and it all depends on the region you’re staying in. But it’s worth the excursion, and you may be able to bring back a bottle for yourself.

Tips for the Having Perfect Health Retreat:

A health retreat means different things to different people. Make sure you define exactly what it means to you before planning where to go in France. If you want to spend your time at the spas, don’t book accommodation in one of the smaller villages. And, likewise, you’re not going to get much peace when you stay near Paris. Be clear about what you want, and you can start planning the ideal retreat.

A range of hotels and resorts are around France with some offering the full package including an adjoining spa and other amenities. These are ideal places to start your search. You may also be able to find recommendations online from other travellers to help you make the right decision.

France is a Great Place for a Retreat:

France has beautiful scenery, fine wine and lots of high-end resorts, vacation rentals and hotels. You can find what you’re looking for to have a perfect health retreat whether you want to spend the week in a spa or on the beach. Just make sure you plan the activities beforehand, and the ultimate relaxation will come next.

November 23, 2017

Facts About Laminate Flooring

When remodelling your home, one of the main parts to consider is the floor. This decision is not always easy, especially as we always search for a balance between price and practicality.  We want something of good quality but with a budget in mind. In our mind, the solution to this is  laminate flooring. A perfect alternative to traditional floors, laminate flooring is a great compromise as it is considerably cheaper than solid or engineered wood, but is just as visually appealing, durable and if not easier to install.


One of the main reasons that laminate is so durable is due to the way that it is constructed. It is basically made up of four layers: backing, core, image and wear layer. The backing is the barrier between the sub floor and the rest of the layers, the core enables the floor to support the weight of the people walking on it, the image is as the word itself says, the layer that gives the wood look to the floor. The fourth one is the wear layer, it is a protective layer that avoids the flooring to fade.


Another appealing feature of laminate flooring is that is waterproof, meaning not only that it is resistant to any liquid spill but also that it is very easy to clean. This makes laminate one of the  few family friendly floors. And it is affordable, which makes it great for renovations on a budget

If you’ve already spent a lot of money on the floor itself, the last thing you want is to be worrying about it getting damaged during every day life. Fear not! Laminate is one of the easiest floors to maintain and keep clean, all it requires is regular sweeping and occasional mopping to help the floor look as good as the day it was installed.


Laminate flooring is often praised for it’s versatility, it is able to replicate not only different species of wood such as oak or walnut, but can also emulate the look of stone or slate tiles. This again fits perfectly with the budget aspect of things. If you would love the look of real wood or real stone in your home but struggle with the price tag, laminate makes the perfect substitute!


The installation of laminate flooring is among the easiest on the market, perfect for DIY amateurs and professionals alike! Unlike real wood floors you don’t have to worry about acclimatising the wood, instead you can get straight on with laying the floor and transforming your home without delay. It’s also one of the least messy installations too, no need for any glue or nails, instead laminate often comes in a ‘tongue and groove click system’. What this means is that the laminate can simply be measured and slotted into place, easy!


Finally, laminate is a great option for those who suffer from allergies mainly because unlike carpets, it doesn’t collect dust and is easy to just wipe clean. It is also a very sanitary product due to its locking system and plastic wear layer, creating a shield against moisture that wants to get in. It does not contract or expand like real wood does if it comes into contact with changing temperatures or excess moisture. However, if moisture does get in, or any permanent damage occurs to the surface or core-board, laminate flooring is easily replaced.

So there you have it, just a few reasons why we think laminate flooring is a fantastic flooring option for any home!

November 15, 2017

How to Make Your Workspace More Vibrant

Even the best job can become tiring after a while. This is doubly true for those of us who are confined to a small work space – be it a cubicle or home office. Fortunately, with a few small adjustments, you can make a huge difference to the vibrancy of your work area. In this article, we go over 5 top tips which can help push your workspace from drab to fab.

Plant Some Green

Most of us can’t move our workspaces into nature. As much as we can love the greenery of the outdoors, the greenery tends not to favor a clean and efficient work environment.

Luckily, there is a better solution. Simply by adding a small plant or two, your workspace can have an enormous effect on your mood, in addition to bringing in the vibrancy of the color green to business black and whites. You can even go exotic if you wish, and go for something far more colorful than the standard cactus or

Shed Some Light

Most people reading this article have a basic need for light; if you are one of our blind readers then this article might not be for you. What many people underestimate, however, is just how profound an effect the lighting can have on the overall feel of our workspace.
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It’s not just a case of selecting the right location for your lights, as choosing the right wattage and tone can help create a specific feel of warmth that works for you. This can affect every other facet of your workspace, so getting the right lighting can really aid in tying everything together.

Add Some Color

Black and white are functional, but it sure can be boring. By adding some color to your workspace, you can help create your own personal theme and help foster a more efficient work environment.

That’s right, color can have a huge effect on a person’s mood, even when this happens unconsciously. Love the ocean? Use some blue to create a deep-sea feel. Gardens more your speed? Use the whole spectrum to create a visual rainbow to greet you every day. Coming into work to see a colorful workplace can help start you off on a much more productive day!

Stick it Out

There are many different additions to office life which have made our lives easier and more functional. While computers might be the big-boys here, even they can’t compare to the benefits of the humble post-it or sticky note.

These tiny little scraps of paper can so easily carry over some customized little drawings to bring humor and fun to your job. You can even get friends and family to help you by creating their own little drawings.

This goes double if you work in a busy office environment, where these noted can be used for games, office-jokes and even secret coded messages.

Straighten Things Out

Even the best decorations in the world can be a wasted effort if they are hidden behind a mess of clutter. By spending an hour or two cleaning up your work area, resorting everything, and tying your cables together, you can make all of your other work stand out that much more.

If you have a specific theme you want to work towards, you can even customize exactly where you want any unavoidable clutter to be, to really help your workspace with that individual attitude.

Who knows, a cleaner workspace might even give you more ideas to work with!

November 15, 2017

How to do Home Renovations on a Budget

Home renovations many inhabitants undertake are frequently costly. A few occupants have a tendency to overspend and think that its hard to stick to their tight spending plans. Although being on a financial plan amid your home renovations can be dubious and require a ton of patience and strategy it isn’t incomprehensible. A financial plan doesn’t also mean the outcome will be not as much as desirable. These tips will enable you to stick to your original spending plan and still accomplish your home renovation goals:

Tip 1: Get A Professional To Do Big Renovations

It may appear to be counterintuitive to pay a professional home renovations team however doing big and hard renovations yourself can cost more in damages and repairs than you initially anticipated. When you believe the activity to a professional, you get the opportunity to plan out a financial plan and you are well on the way to stick to it because they are guaranteed to do a great job.

Tip 2: Ask Help From Family And Friends

Labor is expensive nowadays and why pay for the extra hand in cash when you recruit family individuals and dear companions to do the activity? Persuade individuals near you to do a portion of the labor in exchange for pizza and lager. It can be a fun yet profitable day for everybody. Furthermore, you earn a bit of!

Tip 3: Check Out Auctions And Online Sales

You don’t have to purchase everything brand new for your renovations. There are auctions and even online ads that offer items in great condition for less the cost. Be savvy with regards to shopping and save more all the while. Taking an opportunity to check out different auctions and online sales will significantly chop down the cost of home renovations.

Tip 4: Add A Contingency Plan

Not all things will go as planned amid the renovations. There may be delays because of weather or shipment of item. Expect a couple of snags along the way. Take this into account while you plan a financial plan for the venture. Keeping a couple of extra dollars as an afterthought will guarantee that you don’t go over spending plan notwithstanding amid unexpected circumstances.

Tip 5: Have A Plan And Stick To It

It appears glaringly evident however many individuals undertaking a home renovation venture tend to relinquish their plans once they start renovating. Making even the smallest adjustments can balance the whole spending plan significantly. Experience your whole plan and make beyond any doubt you are committed to sticking to the details until the very end. Along these lines you don’t wind up going past your financial plan.

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Discovering small ways to save throughout the renovation procedure can mean you never venture over your initial spending plan. Professional home renovations specialists can help cut the down the cost of the undertaking significantly. Know where you DIY capabilities end and when to call in the specialists for offer assistance. Spending a little extra for their assistance can cut the expenses down significantly. Never start a venture without a plan or hazard spending more than you at any point planned.