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December 14, 2017

Facts About Sports

Most sports fans know all the details about their favourite athletes, memorable game scores, and plays. Many are loyal of sitting at their favourite local bar or simply on their couches at home to watch the next big game. However, many sports fans are unaware of the history of sports or fun sports facts that have lead up to where sports are today.

No matter where you live or what age you are sports fans share the same common purpose; their passion and love for the game.

Here are 13 facts about sports that you may have not known:

  1. In 1900-1920, Tug of War was a part of the summer games as an Olympic Event
  2. The World’s Largest Bowling Alley opened in 1972 and is located in Japan with a total of 116 lanes.
  3. In 2010, the longest tennis match took place at Wimbledon and it lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes.
  4. In Thailand, kite flying is considered a professional sport.
  5. In 1949, the grass length at Wimbledon changed from two inches long to 8mm because a snake bit a tennis player…ouch!
  6. Olympic gold medals are actually made of silver!
  7. A golf ball has anywhere between 330 and 500 dimples depending on it’s make.
  8. The Chicago Cubs baseball team never played any night games at home until after 1988 when Wrigley Field finally installed lights at the field.
  9. The NCAA required college football players to study during halftime. This was not changed until after 1925.
  10. In 1901, boxing finally became a legal sport.
  11. Pig bladders were used as rugby balls before they were made from synthetic material.
  12. Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Toronto. He was only 19.
  13. At the 1993 Breeders’ Cup Classic a winning ticket paid $269.20 for a $2 bet. That’s $13,460 for every $100 bet!

Sports and entertainment have come a long way. Whether it is the materials they use, the advancement in the technology of equipment, the rules and regulations, or the change in new and upcoming players, there is always evolvement. Many sports fans also bet on sports event like horse racing for example so that they can not only be immersed in their favorite sport, but they can win money off their favorite teams too.

Clearly, without sport fans and their support there would not be as huge of a sports industry as there is today. If you have ever purchased a ticket to see a sport game live then you are aware or have some idea of how much the industry makes… billions.

It is with your support in purchasing tickets that teams are able to travel and entertain, that venues and arenas are able to accommodate so many fans while paying their staff, and so that buildings can be maintained.

November 30, 2017

Keeping Safe Whilst Travelling in Winter

Traveling in the winter can be dangerous especially if you are from a warmer climate that the area you are staying at. If you’re saving money for a trip, you don’t want it to be wasted with any accidents or spending your time freezing on your vacation. As such here are tips on how to stay safe while traveling in the winter.

1. Check the Forecast

An obvious precaution but one that deserves to be restated. Keep an eye on the predicted temperatures, especially the wind chill factor, so you can dress appropriately or stay inside during poor weather.

This is especially important if you are planning any outside, physical and/or long distance activities. A warm, at least comparatively, sunny day can quickly shift to wet, cold and/or icy weather with surprising swiftness and being caught out in such a situation can, in extreme cases, be life threatening.

2. Have Appropriate Clothing and Supplies.

Spend the time to workout what sort of winter clothing is right for the weather you will be experiencing. For cold climates this will typically include several layers from thermal underwear to parkas and ski jackets. Make sure to find out what is best for the area you are traveling in so you can pack appropriately.

When doing outdoor activities in cold weather make sure you have some form of method of outside contact and have either a map or other directions, because though winter scenery can be beautiful becoming lost can cause severe injury or be life threatening.

3. Travel Safely.

Driving in cold or icy conditions is dangerous. If you, or the person driving, don’t experience in driving in such conditions it is best if you find different transport. Never drive into a storm. Also make sure to learn if hail or sleet is common and be careful if either of these conditions are forecast. Hail can cause injury as well as damaging cars and equipment. Sleet is also dangerous, its liquid water content soaking warm clothes reducing their effectiveness.

This also applies to flying, keep an eye on the weather for your flight and make sure you know how to re-book or get a refund for flights grounded by storms, snow or other bad weather. If your flight is canceled a train ride can often get you to your destination.

4. Keep Electrical Devices Charged

In case the weather takes an unexpected, or expected, turn for the worse make sure your phones and/or other devices are charged. In confusing and crowded situations your phone may be the only place to get reliable information and will certainly be the only easy way to reassure friends and relatives or to organize around an unavoidable delay.

Following the twitter of your airline can make it easier to get up to date information about flights and potential delays. Twitter and Facebook can also be useful in informing friends and family of your situation when calls or regular internet access is an issue.

5. Check Opening Hours

Many tourist attractions will have shorter opening hours during winter, make sure to check what the best time to visit is. Weather can also influence this, especially for outside activities such as skiing or hiking, so be sure to check if an outing has been delayed or canceled.

In the end the best winter travel tip is to be careful and aware of your surroundings and to then prepare for the potential outcomes. If you plan to travel places like Thailand or Mexico, you won’t need to worry about these winter safety tips. But we have to travel for business sometimes as well and many places through Europe and North America can experience very cold winters. That being said, many winter locations make excellent holiday locations for the prepared and cautious.

Below is an infographic from Slater and Gordon Lawyers, who have been kind enough to provide us with some crucial tips for staying safe during winter travel.

November 30, 2017

The Link Between Productivity and Your Office Decor

The vast majority of people now work in an office environment. The average person spends a huge portion of their lives at work, and for decades the idea of well thought out interior design in the workplace was sadly overlooked. Offices were dreary, somber affairs in dull muted grey tones about as welcoming as a dental waiting room.

Since the invention of the open plan’ office in the early 20th century, companies and designers have wavered back and forth between truly open spaces and cubicles designed to allow for a blend of privacy and co-operative space. Yet still the oppressive, utilitarian atmosphere persisted. It wasn’t until the 21st century that people cottoned on to the correlation between environment and productivity.

That’s why has created an office decorating competition with a £500 prize!


Individualization of office space has become increasingly seen as key to happiness and motivation. Making your workspace more vibrant can increase productivity and happiness levels. Allowing employees to modify their workspace has been scientifically proven to increase productivity and output by up to 32%. This may mean choosing potted plants for their area, family photos or art on the walls, a personalized blind for the window or ornaments for their deskspace. All these things help not only with productivity, but also colleague relations, personal well-being and mental health. Similarly, the holiday season can be a stressful time for office workers under pressure.

Long hours, heavy workloads and shortened daylight hours when people would rather be spending time with loved ones are all negative factors which affect output. Allowing staff to decorate their space with a little Christmas cheer helps enormously to combat this. Displaying personalized greetings cards from friends and family, tinsel or mistletoe might sound a bit of a faux pas, but in fact has a huge impact upon peoples’ state of mind and motivation.

Furniture and interior design also play a big part. In surveys conducted, the majority of people felt that curvilinear (curved) furniture instead of rectilinear (rectangular) furniture was far more pleasing to the eye. Color too plays a huge part in levels of happiness. Generally speaking, bright reds, greens and blues have been linked with increased productivity, while lower levels of lighting encourage a feeling of creative freedom and brighter lit areas ones of analysis and decision making.

The latest trends for offices space, which began in Japan and swiftly moved West, is a movement towards standing workstations. Although to the uninitiated this may sound cruel and unusual, in fact studies have found that standing while working helps to combat RSI (repetitive strain injury), bad posture and fatigue in the workforce. Sitting all day in the same position is terribly bad for the body physically, so standing desks (often with options to also sit down if and when a person desires) allow for a greater degree of movement. This leads to less stiffness, less tiredness, less laziness, and more focus.

Finally, circular office furniture such as the boardroom table is now recognized as important for subconsciously reinforcing the idea that everyone around it is equal and valued. Although this might not strictly be true in the hierarchical structure of a large company, psychologically it creates feelings of co-dependence, appreciation, and respect, leading once again back to a happier space and higher levels of productivity. It’s all quite obvious really. Happy people work harder, so invest in workplace furniture and spaces that makes people happy and you’ll see a positive impact on both motivation and workload improvement.

November 30, 2017

Facts About the Exclusive Edibles from GDW

Edibles from Green Door West can meet the needs of any taste and budget. Regardless of whether you are looking for medical cannabis or something for recreational use, you will be to find what you want at Green Door West. In addition to their amazing customer service, Green Door West has an outstanding selection of products, and you will be able to enjoy them immediately thanks to their impressive delivery service.

Edibles are Perfect for Any Type of Foodie

If you are a fan of sweets, you will have plenty of options from Green Door West. Green Door West has an array of candy, cookies, and other snacks that will help you when you are at your hungriest. However, one of the best ways to squash your hunger is to enjoy a CBD Dark Chocolate 420 Bar.

This chocolate will not relieve your hunger, but it can help you get over anxiety. This product is perfect for the health conscience as it is vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural. The best known high potency chocolate brand on the West Coast has an impressive CBD Dark Chocolate ratio of 2:1.

Green Door West Offers Fast and Friendly Service

When you need a reliable weed delivery service, Green Door West offers products grown by seasoned Vegan Horticulturists. They have an outstanding selection of products including vegan cannabis, pre-rolls, and edibles. The products from Green Door West are grown, cured, and trimmed in an Organic California Hydroponic Farm.

You will no longer have to Google Cannabis delivery business thanks to Green Door West. Once you have secured your Marijuana Delivery Medical Card, you will be able to get help from Green Door West’s friendly staff within a matter of minutes. You can enjoy delivery between 10 am and 10 pm, and always be able to track your driver’s location.

A cannabis delivery service is a great way to get your products quicker. With Green Door West, you will have an outstanding experience, regardless of what and when it needs to be ordered.

November 21, 2017

Facts to Consider Before Buying a Shower Cubicle

Showering is a quick and easy way to get clean. It is invigorating and refreshing. In many homes, it has become more comfortable and practical to have a shower, which is easier and faster to use instead of a bath.

Life today is usually hectic, people do not have much time to linger in the bath because it takes time to fill it up and clean it afterwards. Moreover, space is at a premium and most bathrooms are given the smallest space in the house. Also, not everyone has a big budget for home renovations

A shower cubicle can fit almost any bathroom. It is a modern convenience that adapts to the current scenario of large families living in one house or smaller housing units. A shower cubicle creates a private space to have a shower even if the bathroom is occupied by more than one user.

There is limited space in most bathrooms, so consider carefully which area is the best place to install a shower cabin.

  • Recessed cubicle. If you have three walls close together, you can go for a recessed installation that only needs a door to turn it into an enclosure. You can opt for a hinged door, which needs more space in front of the enclosure. A pivot and swing door recedes slightly into the cubicle thus requiring less room to open the door. A bi-fold door is another space saver.
  • Corner cubicle. If your available space only has two walls, you need a corner cubicle. There are several options here as well. A quadrant cubicle curves in front so the floor space it needs is less than a square cubicle. A 900mm cubicle, or bigger, will provide enough space to move inside the shower. There is also an offset quadrant, in which one side is longer, giving you more space.
  • 3-sided cubicle. If the vacant space in your bathroom only has one wall, choose a three-sided cubicle. New in the market are the D-Shape styles that feature a curved shape similar to a corner quadrant, but need only one flat wall for installation.

Home maintenance is important and keeping your bathroom up to date is part of that. Carefully measure the dimensions of your bathroom to ensure that the enclosure you have chosen will fit the space without impeding access to the bath, basin and toilet. Moreover, it is important to consider the height of the bathroom and the height of the enclosure. Typically, they measure 1,850 mm to 1,900 mm, so if your ceiling is lower, find a cubicle with a height of about 1750mm, including the shower tray.

Outside of these key points to consider, check the other features of shower cubicles, such as glass thickness, glass protection, quick release rollers for quadrants, sliding doors, and other extras.


November 15, 2017

5 Facts about the best Fitness Workouts

Exercise can be a lot of fun, but it can also be an arduous task that many of us dread. Fortunately for us, this area of our lives has been studied by athletes and scientists for years, which can help remove so much of the guesswork.

In this article, we go over 5 facts which can help ensure that you have the best workout possible, to help you get and stay fit, healthy and strong.

Remember: a fit and healthy body can help foster a better environment in all facets of your life.

Music Helps Boost Performance

We all love music. It brings happiness into our lives and can help stimulate us mentally, but the physical effects can be even greater.

By adding some workout music to your exercise you can help increase your motivation and productivity to help you start exercising and keep at it. Simple radio can do the job here, but for the best results, we recommend making your own custom playlist.

A solid and continuous beat can even give you a rhythm to stick to. Cresting a hill to your favorite song can do wonders for your mood, both during and after your exercise.

Fuel Means a Better Workout

Food and water – two of the main building blocks which help us live and grow. Many people go into exercise with the sole goal of losing weight – a worthwhile goal but one which can convince people to go on unhealthy diets.

Eating the right food before you exercise, and staying hydrated can make all the difference in the world in a good regimen. Eating a small carbohydrate and protein snack around an hour before your exercise, and hydrating around a half-hour before, is a great way to get the best out of your exercise. Not only can this help you exercise longer, but it can also aid in the recovery process.

Plan Ahead to Get Ahead

Have you ever gone to the gym, stored all your gear and walked onto the floor unsure of where to start? Many of us have, though this is something we all should avoid. The best workout is one which takes into account a proper plan. Warm up, do a measured amount of sets, and cool down.

Proper planning can help ensure that you stick to the right plan, and can mitigate the risks of overwork and injuries caused by exercises which an endorphin rush might convince you is the right course of action. You don’t even need to be in the gym for this, with a little time you can create a plan from the comfort of your own home.

Advice can Make or Break your Experience

There is no shame in not understanding proper form, or how each exercise machine might work. Fortunately, there are many online tutorials which can point you in the right direction. Belong to a gym? The staff there are usually trained to help instruct new-comers in proper operation and form, so be sure to take advantage of their expertise.

Remember: having the wrong form or using a machine in an incorrect way can not only reduce the effectiveness of your overall workout but can actually contribute to very serious and long-lasting injury.

The Best for You is Just for You

No two people are exactly the same. This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when trying to develop your own personal best workout. Sometimes we can see somebody do something in such a way that impresses us so much that we have to have a go ourselves. What you need to keep in mind is that just because somebody else can do it, doesn’t mean you can, or that you need to.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about, as you should never be ashamed of your own body or abilities. There is no single best workout for everyone. What is best for you might only be best for you. Understanding this and properly customizing your exercise is one of the most important factors in building your own best fitness workout.

November 15, 2017

5 Tips On How to Save Money for a Vacation

Nothing beats a vacation. Heading out for adventure or relaxation can be just the trick we need to refresh us and help keep us energized back in our daily lives.

The hardest part of a vacation, for many of us, is saving up the money we need for the holiday we want. Fortunately, you don’t need a huge payday in order to cover all of your expenses. Follow the 5 simple tips in this article and you could be well on your way to your next vacation.

Create a Plan

The first step you should follow to save money for a vacation is to create a plan. Not having everything laid out can come back to bite you, as those who have found themselves strapped for cash a few days before a vacation will attest.

Before you even think about going on a trip, you need to take account of all the expenses you expect, with additional money put aside for both unexpected expenses and as a little bonus for anything fun you stumble across on

Create a plan, and stick to it!

A Little Less can Mean a lot More

Many of us tend to underestimate just how much money we can waste on a daily basis. A coffee here and there, a sandwich or pastry from the bakery – what’s the harm? What we need to keep in mind is that add up, especially when we enjoy them every day.

A better alternative can be to either reduce the number of times you go out for food or cut this out altogether. Making food at home, and bringing in your own coffee or tea, can add up to enormous savings over time.

Change it up

We tend to dismiss the idea of coins as real meaningful currency. This is probably because they usually only represent a small fraction of our total wealth. What we forget is that these can add up, and in doing so can actually contribute far more than people tend to realize.
consumers cannot receive the best services the main advantage of swiss rolex day date mens 40mm m228396tbr 0023 dark rhodium dial.

Keep a small coin-jar by your front door, or somewhere else easily visible. If you keep at this for a while you might be surprised to find yourself with well over a hundred dollars in spare change! Every little bit helps, and lots of little bits can help even more.

Clean it Out

People tend to collect things, even when we don’t need to. How many times have you opened a closet or cupboard to see something which you haven’t used in years?

Rather than leaving small and unimportant items gathering dust, you should consider throwing a garage sale. When you actually take stock of how much you have lying around you might be surprised, there could be a lot of potential vacation money just wasting away in your basement just waiting to be snatched up. This has the added bonus of clearing up wasted space, so it’s a win-win!

Stay Inspired

Saving for a vacation is not something which can be done overnight. It can be a long process which requires many weeks or months of dedication and diligence. During this time, we can forget what we are working for, which can lead to us slacking off where we shouldn’t.

A great way to keep yourself honest and pursuing your holiday effectively is to keep little reminders of your holiday around your home and work. Each time you might feel tempted to splurge on something you don’t need you can take a look up at a picture or calendar of what awaits you.

Who knows, this time next year you might be able to replace these photos with ones you took yourself!

November 15, 2017

5 Facts All Homeowners Should Know

Owning a home for the first time (or just a new home if you’ve purchased before) can be an exciting yet daunting phenomenon. To help ease with the stress and potential worries, we’ve compiled five facts all homeowners should know. Also, we should preface this with the fact that while no one’s experiences are the same, it’s helpful to have a guide, even if it may not apply to you.

1. Stick to Your Budget

This one may seem obvious, but is harder to do than meets the eye. Set yourself a reasonable budget before you begin searching for you new home. This will help eliminate certain properties from the search, because it’s best not to shop out of your price range to begin with. Ultimately, sticking to what you can comfortably afford (key word: comfortably) will ensure you have more wiggle room for home maintenance, decor and actually living in the long run.

2. Pre-Approval

This is an important step in purchasing a new home, and should occur before you even start looking. Basically, the process involves providing your financial information such as income, debts and credit history to a mortgage lender who will in turn give you a letter with a statement of your likely approved spending amount. It’s a great advantage to have when negotiating with sellers, but it shouldn’t be considered a Just because you’re pre-approved doesn’t necessarily mean that closing a deal will be quick and simple, but it sure helps.

3. Home Maintenance is Important

Not to mention costly. Unlike a rental property, when the landlord will take care of all those pesky fixes, a property that’s yours requires maintenance out of your own pocket. Be prepared to take care of your home – after all, you did just spend your life savings on it, you want to maintain it and keep it in the best condition for both your living situation and if you wish to sell in the future. Apply common sense, too – older homes will require more maintenance at higher costs, while newer generally require less. Be sure to set some funds aside allocated to these types of costs.

4. Don’t Splurge on Furnishing

You just spent your life’s savings on a new house, you want it to look fabulous and feel like a home. We get it. But be reasonable with your spending. Purchase the essentials, and maybe a few nice things that will help bring that homey feel to your new place. Anything else can wait. Pick out the expensive luxuries you want and work hard to save for them. This will ensure that you can actually live in and enjoy your new home without any unnecessary added financial pressure.

5. Home Insurance

Get home insurance, immediately. This isn’t one of those things you can put off until there’s enough money to spend on it – obviously, seeing as your mortgage broker requires you to buy it. However, you might also need life insurance and/or disability-income insurance to cover and protect a partner or child who may count on your income, should something unpredictable happen to you and your wellbeing. Consider also car insurance or any other legal protection policies you may require, particularly if you’re a sole proprietor (self-employed) with less asset cover.

Now you can go forth and fulfil your homeowner dreams with all you should know fresh in your mind. Good luck!

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